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    Post network config


    In the company where I work I have a laptop and I have to be able to logon on 3 different domains with different network configs.

    Right now, I have one install with windows 2000 and two other installations through vmware.
    The problem is that like this is too resource consuming, and I'm running out of hard disk space, and gets a bit slow while I'm running one of the virtual machines.

    Changing the config everytime I need to logon on other domain isn't a productive way ( changing configs, domain, rebooting, takes to much time).

    A friend of mine told me that he once knew a program to switch the network configs and that you could choose witch one to use on a boot menu, but he couldn't remember the name.

    I've tried searching google, but couldn't find it ( I'm still trying ), so if any of you know a app or a way to do it, it would help me alot.


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    Try netswitcher from http://www.netswitcher.com/

    It's $15 - I used to use it when I travelled from site to site - you can set loads of params - like different proxies, domains, ip addrs, gateways etc...

    Hope this helps

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    I believe that Symantec (Norton) has a similar product. Not sure of the name either. I used it about 3 years ago.



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    Give netswitcher a try. quite a good prog that i have used. quite a few of the guys with me use it and are very satisfied with it.

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