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    Web Site Registration

    A company I am trying to track has a few websites registered.

    I know one of them and can do the who is to get details of the registrar.

    I want to find out if the same registrar has other web sites registered.

    Can anyone think of or does any one know any way to do the same ?


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    Re: Web Site Registration

    Originally posted here by mark_boyle2002
    Can anyone think of or does any one know any way to do the same ?
    I think you want to do an inverse query. You should be able to do a whois -i ac AB1234-RIPE to lookup all domains that have the admin contact AB1234-RIPE.

    You can find more info here

    Edit: I tried to do a whois -h whois.ripe.net -i ac AB1234-RIPE on a FreeBSD machine but it gave me all sorts of errors. Doing the search on the ripe website however did work.
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