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Thread: Record industry sends out subpoenas

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    Record industry sends out subpoenas

    Despite the SARS epidemic, the war in Iraq and economic uncertainty, the PC market grew faster than expected in the second quarter.
    Full Story @ : http://news.com.com/2100-1027_3-1026676.html?tag=fd_top

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    hundreds of individuals

    OOOooooOOOOooo, big bad company is going to sue a lot of people huh. Seeing as there are HOW many users online these days, and even if a certain percent are the only ones downloading stuff... well I think hundreds of people is not a lot. Sounds like they are either blowing smoke, or really don't know how to scare someone.

    I mean I work at a university, where there are 44,000 students ranging from the ages of 17 to 40+. Just for all the students on campus, I know roughly 3/4 of them use some sort of P2P@ software to download music. I mean the campus had to put a limit on downloads a week just to keep their bandwidth open.

    I don't know how to take this, to me it just sounds liek they are tryign to scare people and that's it...

    My thoughts...
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