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    friends ..i got into a trouble
    i will tell u my situation..just now i installed redhat linux and i experimented on that
    and i am in a fix

    i didnt shutdown to see what screen will i get like in windows but the situation is different ,i got this message..after checking started...
    unattached inode 27
    /:unexpected inconsistency;run fsck manually
    (i.e without -a or -p options)

    *** an error occured during the file system check


    ***dropping u to a shell; the system will reboot when u leave the shell
    give root password for maintainence (or type control -d for normal startup);

    if i press control d ,its booting and the same screen is appearing
    if i give the password its giving this message :

    (repair file system)1#

    now what must i do?

    please help ..
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    i installed redhat 8.0
    when i shutdown it very easy do it
    you can check your system meybe can't active it

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    Do exactly what it says.. run fsck. You are at a root console with limited capabilities. One of those capabilities is the ability to run fsck to correct any problems on the hdd. It's similar to running scandisk in a windows/dos environment.
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