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Thread: Programmer - Poetry

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    Talking Programmer - Poetry

    I start my day by sitting on a chair,
    Giving my monitor a hard, cold stare,

    By evening I'm done with another coding,
    Oh! this has become a routine so boring.

    Like all, I entered this field with great hope,
    Jobs were many and there was plenty of scope,

    Dreams of joining the likes of Gates,
    And a chance to make money in the States.

    Thus, I entered the world of bytes,
    Only to realize that reality bites,

    'Coz a programmer's life, isn't all that cozy,
    The bed of software, isn't all that rosy.

    Seeing the monitor all day n night,
    Have taken the power off my eyesight,

    Late to bed n early to rise,
    Has made me wealthy, but not healthy n wise.

    Working holidays, busy weekends,
    No time for family, no time for friends,

    My job steals most of my time,
    Helplessly, I watch this crime.

    Just for few bits of money,
    I forego those moments with my Honey,

    When I should be out - having fun,
    I'm telling a comp, what's to be done.

    I hate u, yet I can't get away,
    'Coz, I need the money u pay,

    God, to thee I pray,
    If there be one - show me the way.
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    Heheh a day in the life of a programmer. Thanks for sharing it

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