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Thread: How can i recover my files?

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    How can i recover my files?


    One of the computers where i work has a weird problem. After turning on the PC this morning Windows XP couldn't start and the NTFS system is showed now as RAW system and all the data, info and files in that "2-partitions 80gb hard drive" are now in what is called as UNALLOCATED SPACE. Windows can't read that hard drive and says it needs to be formated (that's wrong obviously) but we can't do that, we need the info at all costs. We have searched a lot of forums and nobody seems to know how to get this data back. We have tried using many tools as OnBelay, PC Inspector File Recovery, Disk Investigator, WinImage and all the others "well-known" tools and utilities without any luck.
    Someone told us to contact computer forensics experts because they will be the only solution. Anyway, i'm asking here just in case someone knows something about it or has had the same or similar problem.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance guys,


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    On this 80 gig HD do you have a version of linux installed ?
    If you do you could try to use TASK and AUTOPSY (linux tools) to recover the files. It will be a bit of a pain if you have alot of data to recover I guess.
    If you do not you could try one of the 'live-cd's' like knoppix (I am not sure if knoppix has these tools by default because I am on Windows ATM, but I am sure you can manage to create a 'live' linux yourself).

    On the other hands perhaps the MBR is screwed. You can try fixing it by using tools like FIXBOOT after booting from the Windows install CD.
    Hope it helps.

    btw sorry for not including links(google).

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    I don't how good this one is but it worth a try i have it,but didn't use yet.

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    I have used these guys before http://www.drivesavers.com/ but its expensive
    Try a google search for data recovery services.
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