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Thread: Location of the IP Address??

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    Unhappy Location of the IP Address??

    how should i pinpoint the location of a particular IP Address??

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    Do you mean you own or someone elses.

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    Personally I usually use NeoTrace Pro. If you don't want to pony up the moola to buy it, try going to www.google.com and doing a search for IP tracking tools.
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    There are generalized locators, such as Neotrace and Visualroute. They are not without their faults though.
    You could always use something along the lines of Sam Spade and acquire the ISP contact info concerning the IP block in question. Now, that won't likely get you near the IP or the physical location at all, but if you have a security/ abuse concern, then it would be wise to send an email to the contact listed for the said ISP.
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    Note - I would assume that you are just looking for generalized info as there isn't too much a need for specific details any how. I would probably stick to contacting the ISP's abuse contact if you are having repeated attacks from a specific IP in their block.
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    NeoTrace is really the best but this site has it's own IP locater. I find it doesn't always give you the most accurate info because it only tells you were your IP is registered.

    AO's IP Locater


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    You can use ARIN Whois or whois from the command prompt to check who owns the IP addresses. From there you should be able to figure out the location.

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    check the whois function on

    www.ripe.net (european registry)
    www.arin.net (american registry)
    www.apnic.net (asia pacific registry)

    When you find the ip you can see who the registred owner of the ip net is and the contact information etc. from there on you can check the domain (usually exposed by the email address) then check the domain contact information to pinpoint a more exact location. Domains need the name phone number and address of the owner! much closer than that you wil not get unless you contact the owners of the ip net and negoatiate some kind a deal with em!

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    I agree with the suggestion to check out the Sam Spade program (www.samspade.com). It's free and has a bunch of cool networking utilities all rolled into one easy to use interface. The utilities include, DNS lookup, whois, ping, traceroute, nslookup (I think), and some others. I used it during an independent study of mine to get info about machines that were interacting with my honeypots and never had any problems with the program itself. The one thing I don't really like, though, is that the traceroute interface only gives IP addresses and doesn't translate the actual machine name, like many command line equivilents do. Or, you could always just use the command line utils as well.

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    There is a pretty cool program that is a GUI version traceroute but a bunch faster you should be able to get a roundabout loctation of where they are. Less accurate but free. He also has a lot of other programs like some packet sniffers and such.



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    I used to use ip-to-country.com but it seems they've been making so many weird changes to it that it's not reliable anymore... *sigh*
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