Release Anouncement: LAk -> IPS: Paper and Compilation

Open Source: Intrusion Prevention System (FREEWARE!!)

First release of LAk-IPS a compilation of source, binaries, scripts and papers
on Intrusion Prevention Systems. Helps you get an IPS started with minimal
effort. The scripts use IPTables + snort_inline to get you started.

The archive is supported by a paper 'Open Source: Intrusion Prevention System'
that runs through an HOWTO on setting up an IPS in the NAT mode.

Both the archive and the paper is available for download from the project site

LAk-IPS is a compilation of sources, binaries and scripts that are required to
run an IPS. It uses many binaries & scripts that were originally written by
The Honeynet Project for their Honeywall. And also uses one of the finest open
source softwares Snort without which LAk-IPS would just be a dream.

Love and hate mails welcome....