Please make this a Tutorial or sticky! (Gore)

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Thread: Please make this a Tutorial or sticky! (Gore)

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    Thumbs up Please make this a Tutorial or sticky! (Gore)

    Moderators, Senior Members, Anyone with influence,

    Please please !! This really needs to be a tutorial or at least sticky.

    Whilst bored at lunchtime I read this and it had me crying with laughter on the floor.
    Its funny but also extremely to the point.

    If you all disagree and dont think its really appropriate for a tutorial (and lets face it, it probably isnt) at least have a quick read. It will brighten your day.

    I remember when Nihil was ickle. Does that mean I'm old?

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    I agree... oh oh that's a "How to be a complete ****ing **** on AO" line. I better be careful.

    On a serious note although the thread is really hilarious it's also has tutorial potential. Since I missed the thread the first time around, gate job Gore. You need to get bored a little more often.

    BTW thanks for that post VicE$DoS$ it made my day.
    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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    yes humor ...sticky ...... also this one ... .....

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    yeah that is a good one antoher one that I like alot is this one.

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