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Thread: Cisco Exploit Code Published

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    Cisco Exploit Code Published

    I posted this on the original thread about the Cisco DoS Vulnerability , but felt that it needed its own thread so that a new subject line might highlight the issue better.

    The situation may be a little more urgent now. The exploit for this DoS vulnerability has been made public. See this article in the Register: Cisco IOS DoS exploit released in the wild

    You can also look at the updated and revised Cisco Advisory

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    Just a thought,
    Japan is the only country entirely using ipv6.
    If the operatus vivendi for exploiting the vuln was world wild known that would mean that we could not exchange data in this very moment (updating patches for an ISP is an heavy process).

    What I mean is that DoS vuln is maybe due to a flaw that the CISCO TAC had detected and that flaw is very specific to CISCO implementation.
    It's maybe a political/communication announcement to motivate ISP/corporate to move on IPv6.
    Updating network to IPv6 is a huge source of cash $$$
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