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    Question lop.com

    I know a computer that seems to working properly in all its functions except when it comes to log on the net. When connected, it keeps trying to log on www.lop.com (which is a home page that has never been used by the computer owner) but never manage to open it. Even if in the preferences an other site is set to be the home page, even if the lop site is restricted in the security options, it keeps looking to open it no matter what adress you type in as a url. Would this be the effect of a virus? If so, how can I update an antivirus if I can't log on the net? Thanks for replying if you have any clue,


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    Odds are you have a virus (on my old box, I got a virus that everytime I used IE it would go straight to a site where it downloaded more copies of itself).. I can't tell you what you've got due to the fact that there are millions of virii.. but what AV are you running so I can take a stab at how to update it?

    I'm assuming you scanned your hard drive with an AV program right? What were the results?

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    Lop.com isnt a very like name on the internet. Its been long known for its spyware which gets installed through C2 media. if you want to read a little more on this topic try here http://www.spywareinfo.com/articles/lop/

    #!/usr/local/bin/perl -s-- -export-a-crypto-system-sig -RSA-in-3-lines-PERL
    ($k,$n)=@ARGV;$m=unpack(H.$w,$m.\"\\0\"x$w),$_=`echo \"16do$w 2+4Oi0$d*-^1[d2%
    Sa2/d0<X+d*La1=z\\U$n%0]SX$k\"[$m*]\\EszlXx++p|dc`,s/^.|\\W//g,print pack(\'H*\'
    ,$_)while read(STDIN,$m,($w=2*$d-1+length($n||die\"$0 [-d] k n\\n\")&~1)/2)

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    My IE was also a victim of this lop.com. I managed to get rid of it by installing and running Ad-aware program.

    Just download the program and execute it, scanning your all hard drives. It will identify the files, lop, and by deleting them hopefully everything will be back to normal.

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    Lop.com is a browser hijacker my advice is to install and run a spyware remover program like Spybot-Search&Destroy

    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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