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    Question Tool list suggestions

    Someone ( a typical home computer user ) has contacted me concerning a problem with their computer. It is possible that it is a spoofing incident, but the circumstances indicate strongly it is some type of Trojan / backdoor.

    ( I can’t / won’t be more specific at this time )

    Over the phone I guided them through updating their anti-virus software ( found nothing ), installing a firewall ( Zone-Alarm ) and downloading and installing Ad-Aware ( found an excess of 450 items which were removed! ) and directed them toward the thread How to Lock Down Your WinXP Box...
    which I was told they did. Also I was told that they have kept up with Microsoft updates.

    I scanned their ports over the net. ( They have a cable modem w/router, found nothing unusual, but I was scanning the router, I believe it is a Linksys. )

    The problem still persists.

    At this time I am just going to try to identify the problem, am not foreseeing I will need forensic evidence for a court, and so I believe I should start by NOT disconnecting from the net to have them bring the machine to me.

    Looks like a Road Trip!!

    My question is, what tools should I bring with me. So far I have decided on SuperScan 3.0 and Fport both from

    Any other suggestions??
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    You could also try Advanced Administrative Tools, at this time you can download a trial version of it. You can download it here: . Its a very useful tool as it has almost everything from whois, proxy analyzer, email verifier, link verifier and all kinds of other cool stuff. Good luck , i'm at work rite now but when I get home later on i'll get u some more programs that u could use.
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    pstool kit from

    id like to give you more informatioin but im afraid i cant/wont at this time (its got a readme anyway)
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    1,836 is a site full of cool tools, also it gives you links to other sites with tools i believe. A very good site which I use myself is : try them out , GOOD LUCK

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    Don't forget the basics. If he/she's been hacked, you can't truly rely on the basic MS utils that come with the OS. They could have been compromised.
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    I would recommend using Accessdata's FTK (Forensic Toolkit) at which is expensive, but cheaper than their competitor. I purchased the Ultimate toolkit and a week long training course on the product. Its awesome.

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    Thanks for the advice, here’s an update.

    Due to scheduling problems I could not get together with her to check the computer myself..

    Here is what was happening; she was receiving e-mails sent from her own cable account to her AOL account which contained pictures and documents from her computer! She even received them after she updated her anti-virus software, installed firewall, etc.

    I also began noticing reported attacks starting to show up from her cable address on Dshield.

    I sent her an e-mail with the links to Trojan Remover and The Cleaner but that e-mail disappeared!

    I contacted her after not hearing a reply for a few days, resent the e-mail, she checked the system using the above programs and found nothing. But the e-mails, etc. seemed to have stopped ( for now )

    I’m hoping the hacker read the e-mail and cleaned the system themselves to cover their tracks. She has also been advised to change all passwords, etc.

    Crossing my fingers on this one.
    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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