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    Arrow Automate Hard-Drive Maintenance

    I found this article in PCworld and thought it could be usefull for windows users.

    Batch files trace their lineage back to DOS, but they're still handy for everyday Windows chores. This one scans your hard drive for errors and then defrags it automatically. If you have the appropriate apps, you can make it scan for virusesm back up data, and perform other chores. Go to http://find.pcworld.com/36168 to download the file and instructions for windows 98 and Me, http://find.pcworld.com/36161 for windows 2000, and http://find.pcworld.com/36167for XP. The Windows 2000 version requires that you download and install MorphaSys's Free AutoDeFrag program ( http://find.pcworld.com/35843 ) before you use it.
    I thought it might be quite nice for it to find errors and defrags it and all the other stuff it can do.

    Tell me what you guys think about it
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    Ummm... silly question... why don't you just setup the scheduler to run the disk defragmenter (aka scandisk) or similar? Perhaps I'm just missing something (other than sleep).
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    Nice files, but if you want a better defrag job (ONLY for Windows XP), also include 'defrag c: -b'
    The -b option is not listed under the help of 'defrag' but it is there. It will defragment the prefetch files of the disk drive it's defragmenting, which will significantly increase boot up speeds. The other changes I made put 'defrag' into verbose mode to spit out more information, and I also made it output it to the same 'disklog.txt' file, instead of just to the screen.

    In my opinion, an improved version of the batch file.
    chkdsk > disklog.txt
    defrag c: -v > disklog.txt
    defrag c: -b -v > disklog.txt

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