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    Question cuteftp

    anybody know where i can find a free cuteftp to download?

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    Here's a demo:

    Thirty seconds, three clicks, and Google brought up this:


    This is a free 1 day trial. Cute FTP isn't free in any way shape or form. If the demo was all you needed, here you go.

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    Try this 30 day trial of CuteFTP.

    My old trial version ran out yesterday and I had a little trouble finding another 30 day.

    You can also try this trial version of WSftp .

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    If your after a Windows ftp client, Try smart ftp, Its completly freeware(Free and does not have a trial version, Since you can use it forever for nothing) and is availbe at

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    Im with cheesegoduk> I use smart ftp and it is amazeing, and free too. I think it surpasses all the comercial products.

    Also this is a tutorials form, for our members to post tutorials they wrote themself.

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    Hmmm... smartftp does not appear to have sftp support. *grumble* Myself, I used to like AbsoluteFTP, though Vandyke has "nicely" broken sftp out to SecureFX now, it would appear... *cough**grumble* And, well... neither one of those are free, either... (there's something to be said for Cygwin, I guess... though last time I was playing with that, it was too much of a pain)
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    get FTP explorer its free,no limitations, and its good.

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    In my windoze days, I used a program called bulletproof ftp and it worked great. If your just doing some downloading, your gonna wanna use a download manager so that you can resume your file transfers since they do tend to get disconnected. Try ********right.com and you'll be happy.

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