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    I'm sure it's simple but I'm not seeing it..


    I don't know. I'm a bit frustrated and need a little help. I've installed Slackware 9 and have been using it ok for the last few months. But I have noticed one little thing that I've been doing a slow work around for but now have run into a problem when trying to install Wine.

    My laptop has Win98 and Slack installed. Slack uses reiserfs. When reiserf mounts the windows partition, perms end up being 744. So, this means my regular user (which is what I usually log in with), cannot get into or view files in the windows partition. I've tried chmodding and using the gui to change the perms as root but nothing happens. lsattr doesn't work.

    And I'm at a loss now. I cannot install wine as root and as the user I cannot get into the windows partition (which I need for a more complete install of wine).

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    I have been installing Slack 9 on several systems here at the office. When it comes to the point where I get to chose the filesystem type, I have been using the standard file linux file system. With that, I am able to use wine and can access other file system types as long as they have the correct perms. Perhaps you will need to re-install and chose the ext2 (?) file system.

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