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Thread: Navbar at bottom of thread.

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    Navbar at bottom of thread.

    It would be nice if the navbar (the home/forums/etc line) was also at the bottom of every page so, at the bottom of a long thread you didn't have to scroll back to the top to navigate back out...

    ...and yes, I realize the "Forum Jump" pulldown is there, though I'm specifically speaking of something slightly-less-cumbersome to stay in the same general hierarchy as the current post, etc, or get you home without a click, scroll, click-click.
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    The lack of this is the single thing about the site that winds me up, and boy does It.

    All I want is to nav to HOME cause that's how I read the site (from the fron page)
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    ok....i agree with you but there is one problem ....

    I think we dont need to post thread in the Site Suggestions forum because i really dont see Jupiter Media takin any of our suggestions and makin them real ...i have seen some great ideas from AO members posted here ...the only one i think was that we see who gave us AP ....so why bother post our ideas when JM won't take 30 minutes out of their busy lives and lets say "change the color of AO ..because as we suggested the current colors reflect the old logo ..i dont think its that much work to change colors here ...so very good idea thereDRAZIW but i dont think we will se a change on AO in the future ... JupiterMedia please prove me wrong

    just putin' my opinon into words here...dont take it persoannly anybody

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