Allright, ladle and jelly-spoons, it seems like it's time to revert.

Peer-to-pper file trading is LAZY. Yeah, that's right, LAZY. If you really want files online, you should have to at leasy TRY to find them, not just tpye in a search and get any god damn thing you want. I personally plan to stop using these services entirely, once I can convince enough people to do things the way it used to be done;

FTP, friends. It is not at all difficult for a moderately-intelligent ocmputer user to set up an FTP, to which they can restrict access as they see fit. That means no BSA hounds or RIAA lawyers searching your computer to see if you've got "pirated" material (because when you "pirate" something, you're holind your cutlass to the throat of the helpless maidens that are these billion-dollar corporations. YOU BIG BULLY!)

So set up an FTP. And don't tell everybody about it. and you won't get sued, and you'll still get to trade plenty of music. It's the future kids, and it looks just like the past.

If you run Linux, you don't have an excuse not to be running an FTP.
Unix, too.
Windows users, Serv-U is easy to pirate.. i mean.. use.
Mac users have it simple, too, I believe, (i wouldn't know, not being one)

peace all.