Maybe I am missing something.... but I have tried on several occasions to get a complete CD off of Kazza. It's actually time consuming unless you get lucky and someone has all the songs you desire on their PC and the connection doesn't take 1500 hours to download. It's a pain in the ass and only really good to get a sampling of some music to test it out. Usually it's time intensive and it's easier to just go out and buy the CD. I spent weeks trying to put together Marilyn Manson's new CD. I finally got all the songs with decent recordings and liked it so I went out and bought the damn CD. Mp3s are great but they just don't have the same level of fidelity. It's close but not quite there.

The people using Kazaa extensively are (in my opinion) kids and students who have no money and take the time to get downloads they want.

Whatever one's argument is: for or against P2P - I just can't see how someone can justify letting a corporation into a private PC to spy or cause damage. How can you justify that? You all are saying it's ok to judge someone "guilty" of a crime and pass "sentence" from a console in a computer room and that freely distributing any data over P2P is a criminal offense. That is the way we are going and people who have limited capacity to think beyond an initial emotional response are taking us all there. And sadly, not even comprehending the full effect of what they are advocating.