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    In need of help, somehow I have backdoor.subseven trojan horse on my cpu, Norton tells me where it is, I'm running xp home and can't seem to delete it, I've shut down the sytem restore feature but still lost, when i rescan after shutting down system restore it doesn't find the trojan. any help would be great, trying to get around formatting, but if all else fails i will

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    This has been answered hundreds of times prior to this. Please search the site before asking repetitive questions. Then read the site faq's and sticky threads while your at it.

    For your problem go here and download the cleaner. It should help

    For future reference go here for a tutorial on basic defense

    Just for a laugh, what did you download that gave you the trojan?

    Hope this helps

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    Yup....the cleaner should take care of it. I have SubSeven in my comp just to play around in my home network...but the AV software that I have keeps it quarantined. Dont know if that helps much lol... good luck
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    Yo can alwayz go to Nortorns website they will clean it for u.
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    Download the free trial of Trojan Remover
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    I too have the lastest version of sub7 and B.O. those programs facinate me, and since they are so common it's good to understand how they work in a controlled environement. I used to pick apart and play with viruses but there are just too many now.
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