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Thread: "access denied"

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    "access denied"

    I currently do most of my work on my E-Machines computer, running windows XP home edition. Today I was using it, and it just froze. SO I did the only thing I could think of. I rebooted. However, when I rebooted, I startup came to a halt with an "unmountable boot disk" error and would not let me go on. So I disconnected it, and put in a spare hard drive, and installed XP on that as well. I then connected the old drive up as a slave to try and recover my files. However, when I started to browse the drive, I could not get into my accounts folder under documents and settings. I am able to get around the entire hard drive, except my folder. When I try to open it, I get an error, telling me "access denied". I can not copy, or paste. I thought I may be able to view it under dos prompt, which I still received the same error. Later on I disconnected that, and tried to install an old copy of linux mandrake. I then discovered that it would not work on my system. So, this is my question. Does anyone know a way to bypass this access denied error and get into my folder? Or know of any free/very inexpensive software to fix this (corrupt?) section of my hard drive?

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    afaik this will let you access that folder.

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    As you may or may not know everything is protected by a SID and not a username. So even though the usernames may be the same your SIDs won't thus denying you access.

    You should be able to logon as an administrator and take ownership of that directory. This will also reset the ACL on that directory and enable you to read/copy the files.
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    This is a cheaty way of doing things but install win2000 and hmm hmm it will allow you to access your files.

    For more details pm TonyBradley.

    Hee seems to be the expert.

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    If you have a burner, you can always use something like knoppix and burn your files to a CD. The download is free, but it is huge(~700mb)... so I hope you have broadband. Oh, DL times tend to be a bit long... so pick a .edu mirror... this will speed it up a lot!
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