Hey all. I just got my ass kicked in GNU Chess again, and well, I was thinking back when I was in 4th grade how I used to play chess alot. I was in the chess club back then (Im 20 now but in 4th grade I was the **** at chess) Anyway, there was a computer in the class and it had this Program on it that let you play chess. Now this wasnt just chess. The game was awesome. The peices would like, ok when you moved or when you would take an opponent's peice, the rook for example would turn into this lil monster thing and smash whatever th hell it was you took. I LOVED THIS GAME. I cant remember what it was called, where I can get it, or anything. Can someone shed any light on this? I need to know what game this was called. I THINK it ran on DOS but im not sure because well, I had no skills back then. Anyway it was a cool game and it was some type of chess. We could play this or Oregon Trail in the class. I loved both. I found the oregon trail game (It was at a store and runs in DOS but I bought it) Anyway, does anyone remember the chess game? I loved this game and Also: Anyone with good Chess games for Linux besides GNU chess Id appreciate this. I'm starting to get back into the game and I need to rebuild skills. (I even suck at DOOM right now ) I still own at Unreal Tournament but my skills i used to have as a kid are like gone! Anyway, thanks guys.