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    What exactly is leet? I'm sure if this post is answered it could benefit to more than 1 person.

    (p.s. thnkx moxnix, you've answered more than 1 of my questions)
    You need people of intelligence on this sort of quest...

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    Oh my god... you've got to be kiding me, right? I mean come on this is a joke, right? LOL! 'Leet' is mainly just a short and slopy way of saying 'elite'.

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    elite adj.

    Clueful. Plugged-in. One of the cognoscenti. Also used as a general positive adjective. This term is not actually hacker slang in the strict sense; it is used primarily by crackers and warez d00dz, for which reason hackers use it only with heavy irony. The term used to refer to the folks allowed in to the "hidden" or "privileged" sections of BBSes in the early 1980s (which, typically, contained pirated software). Frequently, early boards would only let you post, or even see, a certain subset of the sections (or `boards') on a BBS. Those who got to the frequently legendary `triple super secret' boards were elite. Misspellings of this term in warez d00dz style abound; the forms `eleet', and `31337' (among others) have been sighted.

    A true hacker would be more likely to use `wizardly'. Oppose lamer.

    You may want to troll through the jargan dictionary ...
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    |The|Specialist if the guy doesn't know he/she really doesn't know. BD]Hobbit is kind of brave though to ask such a question but kind of lazy to seek the answer for himself/herself.

    But we shouldn't really look down on someone who doesn't know better. We should just educate where we can.

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