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Thread: How to be a hacker.

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    How to be a hacker.

    So you wanna be a hacker huh? Then these are the steps to take.

    First, read everything you can get your hands.
    some books i recomend reading are
    hacker cracker: a true but story based book. A goog book for a noob thats
    will be useful when reading more advanced books.
    hacker culture: Has some history of the hacker and other interesting things.
    Hacking exposed: Will help you keep malicious hackers out of your system.
    crypto: A book about cryptography.
    steal this computer book two: profides info about hackers and also has some great tools on the cd.

    another good thing to do is read alot on Ao. I have rad alot information
    that has helped me out alot. Go to IRC clients and chat with hackers.
    If your willing to listen their willing to help.

    learn a programming language like c or c++. You must know this to be a successful hacker.
    Read books like c or c++ for dummies.

    Read 2600 magazine they have some interesting stuff in there.

    What ever you do never hack in a distructive manner. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT.
    Only hack for the sake of learning not for personal reasons and NEVER for money.

    I know this isnt a very long tut but I hope it helps.


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    Damn man I am going to have to Neg you for this one I leared a lesson also put sometime in your Tutorial and don't just post a Tutorial to post one. But better yet think about it.

    As another note this is not a Hacking site so you won't want to post anything dealing with hacking. Next how much do you actually know from wha tyou said it sounds as if you are new to this world.

    Sorry think about it and put more time into and try again.


    Ps. www.hackerslab.org, www.hackers.com

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    *Argghh... Moved from Tutorials*

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    ah neg thanks for that.

    That was worse then my tutorial.


    I didn't think that it could get much worse then mine.

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    It's always a good plan to read the FAQ's to avoid problems like that...just my two cents about that.
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    another good thing to do is read alot on Ao. I have rad alot information
    Like manicchester said, read the FAQs! Obviously you have not read enough of AO yet, our ethics here, our way of presenting information and such. Go back to the drawing board and try again. You might want to wait awhile before posting any tutorials. Start with the basics, post first... A LOT! Good posts too, not just any old random thing. The more you help out people, the better you know the information you think you know.

    Being a "hacker" is over rated. If you know computers will, know the tips and tricks, yeah I guess you could call yourself a hacker. But hacking isn't about the stuff it is in the movies. There is a lot to be learned! You might want to start by checking out this post by Wrayth. You might get the idea better then. But even before that you might want to check out this post about AO "netiquette"

    That also goes to all of you other "hackers" out there that come to AO!

    Just a thought...
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