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Thread: Delete a file. Go to jail.

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    Delete a file. Go to jail.

    Butt was arrested on child pornography charges and sentenced July 8 to three and a half to seven years in prison. The man he shares his home with, Kenneth Anthony Sr., faces separate charges for allegedly trying to delete hundreds of pornographic images from Butt's laptop computer.
    Gives a whole new meaning to "computer security"

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    I will make sure the next time I see child pr0n on a laptop to not delete it :S. Wait a minute. . .I will make sure next time I see child pr0n on a laptop to not "try" to delete it. Well, he had a good intent, but if he could only "try" to delete it, I guess he is not too bright.

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    Isn't this, in some way, violation of privacy? I don't know if it should be sentenceable, but it sounds like so [that it's violation...]

    [edit]trying to delete the pictures, I meant [/edit]

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    I can see why his roomie is getting busted too. He was trying to cover his buddies tracks. As far as I know, tampering with evidence is still a crime.
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