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Thread: A good laugh.

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    A good laugh.

    Ok I don't think that I have ever posted this joke. I know so many it is really sad.

    Ok On the First day of school Ms. Thomas was in class and she had thought up a great way to get the kids to recognize several objects she would give the objects to the people and have them say what it was. Simple enough.

    So Ms. Thomas goes arounf the class and hands Little Tina an Apple. Tina do you know what that is says Ms. Thomas yes says Tina it is an Apple. Good, good Job Tina.

    So next she goes to little Johnny and she gives Little Johnny a Hershey kiss. Do you know what that is. No says little johnny so Ms. Thomas says put it in your mouth. So he does and then she says do you know what it is now. No says little Johnny. Then Ms. Thomas bends over and gives little Johnny a kiss on the Chek. (Pause what does this say about the people teaching our children. LOL) Do you know what it is now says Ms. Thomas. No says Little Johnny.

    Well I will give you one more hint.

    It is what your Daddy asks your Mommy for every morning.

    So at that point Little Suzzy yells spit it out Johnny it is a piece of ASS.


    Hope you found that funny.


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    i've heard it before... still funny though

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    The next day at school, Ms. Thomas decides to improve the childrens' vocabulary.

    "Who can give me a scentence with the word quietly in?" She asks.

    "Please Ms.," says little Suzie. "When I don't want to wake up my brother, I walk quietly around."

    "Well done, Suzie. Who can give me a scentence with the word noisily in it?" She asks.

    "My dad yells noisily when I'm naughty," replied Tina eagerly.

    "Excellent Tina. Okay, who knows a scentance with the word definately in it?"

    "Please Ms.," asks Johnny, "do farts have lumps in?"

    "No," replies Ms Thomas quizzically, "why do you ask?"

    "Well, if that's the case Ms., then I have definately shat myself!"
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    I got a chuckle out these jokes Thanks guys for posting them

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