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Thread: Wozniak's latest project: GPS locator tags for everything

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    Wozniak's latest project: GPS locator tags for everything

    Steve Wozniak, the guy who brought us the personal computer, has another idea. His new company has created a wireless network that he says can help you find almost anything -- lost keys, lost dog, lost child. His Los Gatos company -- Wheels of Zeus (WOZ, get it?) -- has designed tags that you can attach to a child, a dog or just about anything. A handheld monitor uses global-positioning-system satellites to show where the tagged items are.
    Full Article : Right Here

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    The link is broken MemorY
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    sorry there was a space in there ...heres the working link :0 http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...sforeverything

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    Yeah I can't wait to hear more details about it, got a few questions. Like is this going to be like cell phones, where we find out in 10 years it will probably end up giving people cancer or they get poisened or something? I mean it sounds wonderful that you can attach a tag to a kid or a dog and be able to track them using GPS. But if you have it on a kid for say 10 years of their life, even if it's only on them for an hour or so a day (or more like from the time they leave the house until they get back inside), then that would be a lot of time of doing damage. Especially to a body that is growing and developing over those years.

    Speaking of dogs and kids though, what about the size and durability of this "tag"? Both animals and kids can be very rough... rolling around and such all the time... running into things... you want this tag to be able to be run over by a mac truck to make sure it can with standing the beating.

    Not to mention the time it would take to syn, transmit a singal, stuff like that.

    Sorry I guess I'm just in one of those moods where I'm going to ask a million questions. But that sort of technology kind of makes you wonder doesn't it. I mean this isn't even covering the whole "is the goverment going to do this just to be able to track me 24/7?"...

    Just a thought...
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    Re: Wozniak's latest project: GPS locator tags for everything

    And this isn't going to hacked, not one little bit, at all. Is it?

    Ransom demands for kids/dogs who are actually where they should be, but mom's little bleeper shows they've been whisked away.

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    I cant wait until these come out, with an expected price of $25 dollars theyll be great for amatuer robotics, and recovering stolen stuff

    there could also be a privacy issue.

    one thing im kinda interested to know is that if woz will realease the schematics and code like he did with the early apples.

    Another thing that interests me is whether when you recieve the data whether it will give a UID (unique identification) or whether it will say its a camcorder for instance,

    both have serious disadvantages, UID means that the person/ object could be "stalked" and saying what it is could be good for criminals


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