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Thread: THE must have tool !

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    Thumbs up THE must have tool !

    Has your start page ever been hijacked, you change it back again, but on the next reboot it has magically changed to the hijacked page again (mostly porn !!!).

    I have found a great tool that allows you to delete all traces of such pages and software form your system, with the click of a button !!

    Try it out and tell me wat u all think - a must have for any internet user !

    Hijack This

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    wow! if that wasnt a blatant spam post ive never seen one! !!!!

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    Spam post?

    It's a really good tool, i would be knackered without it !

    Saved my start page a few times, gets rid of it all !

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    [spam for freeware] Adaware and SpyBot Search and Destroy will also fix this problem. [/spam for freeware]
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    re: Hijack Ths.

    Can anyone confirm the integrity of this software??
    Its a good idea in theory but like er0k im a paranoid cynical type.

    Tom Coyote - who is he? And the Spyware Info Forums?? Who?

    Any AO users a member of this forum. Is it safe?

    Extreme, you coulda given us a bit more info in that last post mate. Did seem a bit spammy.

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    A quick search on Google brought up the following sites (which have some type of review about the program):


    I don't know if I'd call it the "MUST have tool" (no tool I know is that ... well, maybe your grey cells but that's it) but it certainly seems to be decent. A windump/tcpdump would be good to see if it's doing anything other than removing unnecessary files.
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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80
    [spam for freeware] Adaware and SpyBot Search and Destroy will also fix this problem. [/spam for freeware]
    you know damn well that what i meant by spamming was the way he/she made it sound like it was like this:

    "Woah try this program out, and tell me what you think, its great blah blah i think you should use it.."

    and to start a thread entirely like that

    instead of when someone was asking for help fixing a problem, saying "O well this might help fix the problem"

    Thats why it sounded like spam. and if its not, it still came off that way.

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