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    I think this thread had good intentions but it seems to me it's a whole bunch of "OMG, he negged me and it's just so wrong."

    Why do you need to talk to The|Specialist concerning the fact that he signed other people's names to negs? He wasn't the first person, and he actually answered that question back when names where implemented on the AP's. So does it really matter now?

    Next off, I'm really tired of people defending d00dz. There's a deeper serious issue there and I think it has a lot to do with taking the internet and a website rating system far too seriously.

    And Gore, that's the worst most pathetic story I've ever heard besides d00dz offering senior member blow jobs for greenies.

    Is it petty night on AO? Did I miss the memo?

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    Greetings All:

    Ooooh, the many many mistakes that I made when developing the AntiPoints System.

    The problem was clear:
    I needed a way to automate the process of moderating thousands of posts.

    The solution seemed sound:
    Let the community moderate itself.

    The implimentation was flawed:
    The system relies on an altrusitic approach that requires individuals to examine content for content's sake, without taking into consideration who posted it.

    The result is clear:
    An ego-driven popularity contest riddled with lies, cheating, and other forms of deception, all to assist in the conquest of the green dots. Jupiter Media didn't help matters any either, when they took away the anonymity factor (What on earth was going on in their heads is above and beyond me.)

    Oh well. I learned a lot from that development process, and the results that it achieved. The new system that I created, dubbed "Neighborhood Watch", took all of those lessons into consideration. The result of which, I believe, will be a lack of necessity for threads such as this one.

    I would suggest that the current operators of AntiOnline take a look at the AntiPoints System, and its current effects on this community, and realize that it needs to evolve as well.

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    like a tiger!

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    AP system

    Originally posted here by JP
    The result is clear:
    An ego-driven popularity contest riddled with lies, cheating, and other forms of deception, all to assist in the conquest of the green dots.
    Well that sounds like any given democracy to me...

    Politics.. bleh..
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
    When in Russia, pet a PETSCII.

    Get your ass over to SLAYRadio the best station for C64 Remixes !

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    (( BooHoo im very whimpy... the guy goes and digs up a 2 months old post where i made a reply and negs me as well with the following comment
    Notice that my reply in the thread has nothing to do with the comment he made
    One may think that guys being AO senior members and all would have a acquired a little bit of responsabillity using the AP system by now, but then again there's always *******s like this one. I want my mommie! ))

    Im a very dark and moody person. Big deal...

    Look I told the guy about how his idea was kinda flawed & it kinda sounded like he only knew one third of what he was talking about so I kinda posted it all in rude way. Pluse the other guy was asking about logic bombs and the whole thread was kinda lame. The only reason you neged me was because I sounded "rude" or I was "Flameing" maybe you just plain hate me yet I felt very calm while posting it. That counts as flame? How the hell was that thread any different from other seniors, addicts, members, geting involved in all the neg/flame/excuses/bitching going on in threads about trojans... BTW You didn't even have any involvment in that thread anyways so shut up. Get over it. And get over your 'im a saint' ego-trip you little pompus pig.

    My additude, posts, & (ect) is no different compaired to what others think, plan, do, & PM behind one another's back except I have the balls to bring it all publicly onto the forums if I wanted to.

    Most of the time I get responses "Agreed" & "That was funny" or "rude but point taken" but hell just the fact that peaple often get mad at text on some screen and the fact that peaple actually care about what I say/do tottaly amuses me. LMAO!

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    Exactly how is this pathetic? Im sorry I know people that are ****ing deviouse in the true sence of the word....What you want the hole 5 people that I am friends with that actually still live in my town to not ****ing come over because someone doesnt like them?

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    In the words of the stupid Rodney King.

    Can't we all just get along.
    I think that maybe some of us just need to chill a bit. I understand though, we willl not all like everyone. So I have a question does anyone have a problem with me if so.

    I try to stay copasetic.

    Remember if nothing else we are all Elliot for one reason.
    Even for the brand new Newbie.

    We started along a road that never ends and we are still traveling. Ie learning about computers never ends.

    We are part of the majority, we are part of minority. So if for nothing else try to get along for that. BTW if your really in a bad mode start a Private Room and go Bitch there, but try to stay (-__-) happy or don't let people get to you.

    In the words of some book can't remember, Don't sweat the samll stuff, and it's all small.


    BTW does anyone have a problem with me.

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    Ill agree with that. **** it, if you think im pathetic or whatever either send a private message or go masturbate with a chainsaw.

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    My name is room... Conference Room

    Update: Acid set up a Conference Room:


    Sorry this has taken so long for me to get on top of. I just have been busy with personal stuff. But I would like to get the gears rolling again on this. So please come and post if you would like to continue our discussion of the problems at hand.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Your Private Conference Room is ready. It is room number 110 and is named Problem with a member?. Your key to get in is za2001ja33ko540.

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