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Thread: cracking passwords

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    cracking passwords

    does cracking passwords have anything to do with hacking?

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    just wondering if they are too different things

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    cracking is when you break passwords to gain entry(to whatever)
    and hacking is when you find a hole in the target and exploits that.
    So i guess password breaking is cracking and hacking(sometimes they do)

    The old school term HACKING ,means that the person has great knowledge of computers and would be able to do mostly anything with it(and that jus might include getting into stuff that is blocked from him).
    i read the above somewhere.

    since u are reaaally new here, i would like to give u some friendly advice->
    REFRAIN FROM ASKING STUFF LIKE how do i hack, or what is SUB7(that is the script kiddies lame prog, if u diddn't know).so think before you ask, i nearly thought this thread was gonna be another how can i break passwords or SOME SCRIPTKIDDISH question.

    well do seek knowledge but not to gain fame or friendship or money or love or sex or A JAIL CELL.

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