I had recently ordered cable service for my house. Just to be sure it was working , i tested it out on my box running XP. Then now since I want to set it up on my Linux Box , i decided to do a fresh install. I installed a fresh install of Mandrake Linux 9.0. I installed The net gear ethernet card that i had purchased and i was ready to roll. When the installation went about it had found the right drivers for the card , and i had configured a netmask of , which is the appropriate setting. Then I configured it to get it's own ip address and start it at boot time , via dhcp. I've researched everything , the card supports linux. But one thing i thought i might have done wrong was that i just set my hostname to the default localhost.localdomain. So when I rebooted and it loaded everything and when it went to load eth0 , it just hangs , and sais that it can't find appropriate ip information . I checked ifconfig and the only thing in the list is the loopback address , hmm im not sure what i've done wrong , because i can't seem to make a cable connection. Does someone want to help me in what i might have done wrong here ?