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Thread: News Feed Sugestion

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    News Feed Sugestion

    I would like to suggest that AO provide a RDF (and possible XML) news feed that can be used by (amongst many, many others) Ximian Evolutions newsfeed.

    I think this is the same format that 'news tickers' use but I have no experience of them.

    I would suggest using slashdot as an example, including their rules for only allowing one connection every 30 minutes.


    http://slashdot.org/code.shtml (Second heading down on the page)

    I'm not sure (being a newbie) if I should be posting a poll for this, but if others think this is a good idea they can do it.

    Thank you for your time.
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    I would like the news ticker idea... that would be something inetersting to run for applications like Trillian and such. Getting some news feeds might be cool. Plus you could maybe even run an ad on the ticker now and then to promote stuff even more.

    Good thinking steve...
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