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    Does nbtstat -A x.x.x.x always work? I tried nbtstat to see the remote machine's name table. But it worked to some machines while it didn't to others. In what case nbtstat doesn't work?

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    You really shouldn't be running nbtstat on other peoples machines. Anyways nbtstat -A will only work if the person has filesharing enabled. Also it obviously has to be a win machine. I'm pretty sure that having a firewall in there would also affect the results.
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    It doesn't work when the Messenger Service is turned off (on the receiving end). This is because the Messenger Service is the only service that's dependant on the NetBIOS Interface Device. This NetBIOS Interface Device is default set to Manual (meaning it will only start when a service that depends on it needs it). It's this NetBIOS Interface Device that responds to nbtstat queries.
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    I had the same problem... always giving me the "Host not found". Damn, even on I reckon I shouldn't configure any firewall rules should I? [Norton FW 2003]

    But yeah... so far nbtstat has proven itself utterly useless for me...

    [P.S. this has been asked quite a number of times... I hope you've tried all of the things mentioned in the other threads before starting one]

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    Well for starters, it will only work if netbios/netbeui is installed on the host.

    Apart from that though - nbtstat -A hostaddr should work with all hosts on the same network segment.

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    Have a look at the "net bios hacking " tutorial by RiOtEr
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