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Thread: linux filesystem

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    Question linux filesystem

    Hey I have three questions:
    How do you get access to the fat32 partition of a dual booting computer with linux red hat 9? also is there a way to go the other way too?

    How do I get XMMS to play MP3 files?

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    To access the fat32 partition, you need to mount that partition in linux, check this link

    I don;t think you can access linux partition from windows, unless you are running a third party emulator software like VMWare ( might be wrong in this) to emlulate linux within windows

    last qn..... no clue

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    Ok I have a question first did you use the Linux Partitioning tool another one or a program.

    It depends it you used Partition Commander/Partition Magic you can access it threw the edit ability if you used that I can walk you threw it. Now if you used the Linux one then I thin kyour ****ed, but then again I remember something, you know what I think during your installation you have access to it and you can get back to it if your willing to wait untill I get home I will tell you I have it somewhere written down.

    What other Windows OS are you running?

    I believe that there is a way in XP.


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    Thanks. It worked. Now for stupid question number one. How do I make this permanent so I don't have to do it whenever I restart?

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    I just had to figure this out myself. Sometimes it can take a while for someone to reply to threads if they choose to reply at all. You should check out irc. I go to freenode and go to the #redhat channel there. There very helpful and ya get your answer really quick. Also try using the "man" command. It helps a lot.

    open /etc/fstab in your favorite editor (I use gedit so I type "gedit /etc/fstab")

    put this in (this is for a fat32 partition)

    /location/of/device /where/to/mount vfat umask=000 0 0

    What I typed in was

    /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows vfat umask=000 0 0

    Now remember, this gives everyone Read/Write access to the mount I don't know how to change it. For NTFS it is a little more difficult. Your kernel has to support it first. also check out

    www.tlpd.org <----Its The Linux Documentation Project. A lot of my questions have been answered there.

    Good Luck


    *edited for spelling

    One more thing. Just reading your post again I saw that you mentioned viewing linux partitions in Windows. Well I real quicked asked in irc and looked on google and did see a couple of things about viewing ext3 partitions in WIndows but nothing real informative but here is another solution. Just create a separate "swap" fat32 partition for both. Just write to that in either one and you could view it in the other. Thats what a lot of ppl with the NTFS problem do I belive. I could be wrong though.
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    Thumbs up ext3 access in windows

    To anyone else interested in this...

    I did find a program that will allow you to access and write to ext3 partitions from most MS Windows platforms. It is called explore2fs. It's a beta but it seems to be stable. Just make sure you read the docs before you use.

    Here is a link:


    It is still in development. but it is opensource.

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