Firstly I'd like to say thanks to all the people that contribute to this forum. I've learnt alot from you all.

And now my problem / situation

Over the past few days one of the computers in our house has slowed down by a huge amount. If you wish to have 2 Internet Explorer windows open, and a couple of msn messaging windows everything runs SO SO slow, And if your unlucky the users will get a blue screen saying that the computer is low on system resources and then the machine will restart.

So, now your going to say, Well.. Your low on system resources, go to your store but this doesnt seem to be the case at all. Apparently, According to system information the machine has 73% system resources free, but when its in this condition it feels like the computer hasnt been restarted for at least 2 months! Everything runs very slow, If your browsing the internet and wish to scroll down the page, when it scrolls down, the previous part of the page lags on the screen for a few seconds, its a very jurkey motion.

Now, If I remember rightly my XP machine behaved like this (just the webpage part) when my graphic card drivers wasnt installed... And my brother was saying that the only thing he has changed recently is that he has updated the graphic card drivers, because one of his new games wouldnt worked without the update.

I've virus scanned that machine, and it appears to be clean. At the moment the machine is defragging, which i doubt will help much at all, but other than this i'm unsure of what I can do. I've checked the system information to make sure some RAM hasnt fallen out or anything, but it all seems okay.

Could anyone give me any suggestions on what could be causing the problem, and a possible fix for it.

All help will be appreciated.

Bellow are the systems stats:
OS: Windows 98se
Hard drive: 40gig (7gig in use)
Prossessor: AMD Atherlon 800mhz
RAM: 384mb
Graphic card: Voodoo 4500 (new drivers from http://www.voodoofiles.com )

Thanks Again

- Xeron