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Thread: Free shell accounts

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    Post Free shell accounts

    I thought this would be pretty cool for the people of Antionline. This is for anyone who wants to try something different (like me). Heres just a small list of free UNIX shell accounts
    I found while searching www.google.com earlier today

    http://www.freeshells.net/ wait a couple of days but worth it.
    http://www.nyx.net/ <---pretty kool telnet is nyx.nyx.net
    http://www.bylur.net/free/ my favorite.
    http://sdf.lonestar.org/ very good

    Unix tutorials to help you run your shell account.

    http://www.isu.edu/departments/comco...unixindex.html <--links to many others

    Heres all UNIX commands with (very detailed information) go here the best I found so far http://www.rt.com/man/

    If you know any other shell accounts can you please post them thank you. ComputerNerd22

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    Nothing is better than free!

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    Its hard to find free shell accounts with all the features

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    That's why you ask a friend to give you a shell on there box, I had some free space next time I have some I will post it. But ask people they might just say sure.


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    Hmm, I've been giving some thought recently to allowing selected people access to my server when I eventually get round to putting it online 24/7. The only problem with offering accounts is that some people will take advantage, which is why most of the free services out there now ask for donations, not just to pay for the running costs but also to validate people as not being spammers.
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    Yeah most of those free shell accounts have limited features: ie you can't ssh, telnet, ping, etc... out of them unless you pay for a premire service. Basically they are good for learning the *nix system. I used cyberspace for a while because It has a very nice BBS and it gives you a free mail account. Downside is that it was very slow and once again, unless you paid for the premire service, you couldn't really do anything handy.
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    providing a telnet ervice to customer would be pretty hard to control, its the ultimate hacker resource, having shells to bounce attacks through.

    Havnt had a shell for ages, gonna sign back up for lonestar, i recomend it

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