hi all,

i think there is some problem with my telnet...

when-ever i try to connect to a site using telnet it gives an error(s).find screen dump is below...

C:\>telnet www.yahoo.com 80
Connecting To www.yahoo.com...Could not open a connection to host on port 80 : Connect failed

i`ve tried to connect to a number of sites (even which have open ports) but every time it shows the following either of two errors......
* cannot resolve host
*could not open a connection.............(same as above screen dump).

My System Config's r.....
*Win2k workstation(s) on lan with Win2k server.
*i work on "user" account but "have access to administrator account of local machine".
*i guess there may be firewall at the back(only guess, i dont know how to detect the presence of firewall).

i tried to contact system admin, but he is a dumb fellow.

this problem have troubled me since past few days.may be with the help of geeks here i can get through it.