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    I recently found this site and thought it was pretty intriguing. I was looking for a way to stop pop-ups without downloading software. I know absolutely zilch about computers but after reading various threads, my interest was piqued and I started looking through folders on my computer that I never really cared existed. Since I know absolutely nothing, all I could do was look at them LOL but I did come across some security, application and event logs. When I looked at the security log, it showed countless logons by "anonymous users" or "Guests" at times when I was not on my PC. I guess to those of you who frequent this board, this will sound as quite possibly the dumbest questione ever uttered in a forum but, does this mean a bunch of strangers have been accessing my PC all day? Arrrggghhhh. How can I track what they've done, if that's possible at all? How can I stop this from occuring again? Mostly, I have just a ton of pet pictures on my pc--pretty boring but still, I worry. Thanks for your help!

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    Be more specific. What folders? Where were these Logs? What was the format of these logs?

    Installing a firewall would definitely help. Sygate is a good free one. (clicking will start the download)

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    Couple of questions did you bye the computer used?

    Does anyone else, Wife, kids, neighbor use the Pc besides you.

    Run this command.

    Netstat -n

    check to see if you have any open ports like 12345
    or 31137

    if you do then there is a trojan on your pc if not just check to make sure that none of your friends have ever saved anything to your harddrive.


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