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Thread: Modem speed...help me out...

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    Modem speed...help me out...

    I run 2 dif pc's one with Win98 and the other a Win2K-Pro.
    The Win98 have a connection speed 4,9kps
    Win2k = 11,5kps. How is this possible? the settings are the same in both computers(port speed) I run IE6 on both.
    wich service can deny IE6 to connect??in W2K.
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    1 - The reason is because Windows 98 is showing the actural connection speed, and Windows 2000 is showing the port speed. Usually, if you go to Windows Update you might be able to find a different set of drivers. They'd be under some section like recomended drivers. When you update to their drivers, usually you will see the acturall connection speed instead of the port speed, but be warned that your Modem might not work as well after that. I had some modem problem after upgrading, but somehow their disappeared recently...

    2 - I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here. Are you saying that when you start Internet Explorer that it wants to connect to the Internet, and will prompt you to do so? If so, then go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections (Tab), and select the radio button saying "never dial a connection" That should solve that interpertation of your problem.

    2-2 - On the otherhand, if you're asking on how to control what websites and ports Internet Explorer can connect to, you can get a Personel Firewall. Do a search on the forums (or even google) and you should find lots of information about the benifits of a firewall, and you might find out which one suits your needs. I didn't think this was your question, but I included it anyways just in case, and also so you have another topic to search and read up on if you're interested.


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    Reference question number 2. It may be that the question is how can I prevent IE6 from connecting? This could be answered on a number of levels, but I could suggest a software firewall like ZoneAlarm. It will let you limit internet access by program name. Also, there are many other positive aspects to having a firewall, so you may solve some unasked questions with this approach.

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