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    Gore I have to say that blue is definately the best color. I think that the contest would be good. But what I think would be the best thing would be your able to customize your statement or choose from a group of statements for every dot. Now blue would be cool. But,black would be the best. I also think that Jupmed probably doesn't care I mean that don't post that often. I am not flaming the company I have no indefference but come on atleast look at some of the posts. Now I have an interesting questions. The Moderators do they work for Jupmed. Oh well.


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    hmmmm yeah i remember i think it was terr suggesting a gold dot for those over a certain level - ohhhh wait JUMedia nicked that :P

    but what about after a certain level as one of the site bonuses you get to pick your own message? kinda like your mood - just a wee link on front page update ap message
    that way when you got bored you could change it yourself.....you could even incorporate the 2
    have it so you can either pick 'random ap msg' which is chosen at random from a list of msgs submited by the members - changing like once a week or something or you can write your own custom one.....


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    You have all presented some very valid ideas. If you can get the owners to go for this, I think the whole site may benefit from it. There is nothing like the feel of something new.

    However if the owners weren't even willing to change a few letters in my handle to caps, I don't see them adding this option for us.

    If any of the owners are reading this, please feel free to prove me wrong.
    Your heart was talking, not your mind.
    -Tiger Shark

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    Sorry to hhear that dwarf. To be honest I have never had a problem with any of the guys from Jupmedia. And remember when they first came here? Souleman and a few others played a prank on them and used there point power to ban the new owners on the first day. I think they took that rather well.

    Also on brighter news I put SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional back on my computer; Slackware wasnt cutting it. I mean slackwares cool but ...Heh nothing can even stand on the same Linux pedestal as SuSE (ok so Debian would only be a step down because its awesome too but lets face it...SuSE owns!!!)

    Right now Im in fvwm2 which Iv never really used much before except maybe once. I do like it though. Its very mukti task ready. You get 6 Windows by default to fill up. KDE 3.1 is also included which I love. And the new/gnu Gnome is included, you can choose between Gnome 2 or the newest one. Also I started using openbox today to try it out. Its ok too. But all in all SuSe owns.

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