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Thread: Bill gates dies

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    Bill gates dies

    One day Bill Gates dies...
    God meets up with him and tells him since he's been so good to the world
    with his software and all that he could choose where he wants to go.

    So Bill Gates decides he wants to go to see hell first before he chooses.
    God leads him to hell and Bill Gates is amazed with the beauty of it. It
    has a beach with ladies in bikinis running around and alot of good stuff.

    Bill Gates says " if this is hell lets see heaven! "

    So God takes him to heaven and there it is real peaceful and glittery.
    Its a calm place with mansions every which way. Then God asks him where
    he wants to go.

    Bill Gates answers " i want to go to hell."

    ****2 weeks later****

    God goes down to see how Bill Gates is doing and he sees Bill Gates
    pinned to the wall being struck with a wip.

    Bill Gates yells "why did it look so pretty before?!?"

    God answers "That was just the screen saver"

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    That was funny enough Kinda similiar to Bill Gates takes over heaven one.

    Funny though very funny.


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