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    Site Suggestion

    I have a suggestion that everytime you pick up a level ie. From Newbie to Junior you get a new room that you get access to.


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    Hrmmm... Sounds like a game I play. The downside is that it might encourage "spam" and "spuffle" postings (postings that have dick-all in them really... just waste of space type posts).

    On the other side of it, what "rooms" (forums) would they get? What's the benefit?
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    Well i was thinking that you start out with The Normal Rooms Ie.
    General Forum, Tech Humer, Net Security. But you get Cosmos when you become a junior.

    Another Room that someone could get would be Anti Online Senior Room if the Addicts get one you should get one when you reach senior Also.

    Now for simple things that could be given, when ever you get another Dot next to your name, you get another ability that you have. Ie control points.

    I also think that one last cool tool would be the ability for members to vote have a post deleted. If enough people vote a post will be deleted and all points assigned to that post will be null/void. The amount of people I don't know.

    But I have hundreads of ideas, that could make this place a little better.

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