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Thread: tcpdump help

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    tcpdump help

    Ok, I've been tumping a lot of traffic with the command: tcpdump -i eth1 -s 1500 -X -vvv -w packetlog.

    Now, when I try to read the capture into Etherreal (on Windows) it crashes the app and tells me the file is corrupt. Also, when I read the file back into tcpdump using tcpdump -i eth1 -s 1500 -X -vvv -r packetlog, it takes forever to read, pausing over certain packets for a very long time. Is this mornal. Am I adding a CLI switch to tcpdump that I can do without?

    Advice please for a tcpdumo newbie.

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    Well, first off, you did not specify what version of RedHat you are using: would be nice to know.

    My guess is it is a path problem.

    is /usr/sbin in your path?

    echo $PATH
    to find out

    My guess also is you are using not using the root account ( GOOD ! ) to do this, but used some means to gain root access.
    if you used
    to utilize root access, maybe try instead
    su -
    to utilize the root's paths as well?
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