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    Question IE6 wont let me out 2..

    Sorry!! i pushed the wrong button!!!

    My problem is that my modem works just fine and I'm connected. But IE6 wont let me out and tells me to chek network settings. The OS is Win2k-pro. Could it be some service not running properly??

    Sorry to bother with this kind out suicide Q.

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    But IE6 wont let me out and tells me to chek network settings
    Do you mean it is just freezing up? Or is it not letting you disconnect? Please be more specific.

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    First I would answer the questions posted in your last post about this problem.

    Then I would pose the question of what are your network configurations do you have setup? In Control Panel --> Internet Options --> Connections Tab --> LAN Settings

    I know personally I have to uncheck the "Automatically detect settings" check box for a faster connection. My ISP also warns that anyone with the box checked might have problems surfing the web. I am using Adelphia Cable right now, but I've also just been told that the local Verizon DSL people say the same thing.

    Just a thought...
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    First of all, as you have not provided a lot of informations, I will ask you if you can ping a site on internet (ping google.com for example) and, after that, if you can access the web with other browsers like Mozilla or Opera.

    Oh, and please check if you don't have a firewall blocking IE connections. It's very common for such problems.
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