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    Ok, I usually don't post threads asking for programs/tools, but i'm desperate, I need a program that can create image effects/transitions such as page turn (not page curl) pinch, swirl...(most of what paintshop pro did) but for linux.

    I found one program that could do all of it (most at least) called crossartist, but the site is no longer up and noone appears to have a copy.

    Any ideas/pointers?

    Whats a \"START\" button?

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    Your best bet would be to just use photoshop. There are alternatives under linux but image editing is one of thew few fields that linux falls far behind both mac's and windows systems in. You can get imitation software that will do descent jobs under linux, but you are much better off just using photoshop on a mac or installing windows and dual booting for photoshop on the box you are on now.

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