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    The newest version of Kazaa Lite www.kazaalitekpp.com blocks your IP from being discovered over the network, and you can also select to block a huge range of IPs related to the RIAA, FBI, DOJ, etc. etc. etc.

    Use that and you're safe.

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    Hey 'the mechanic',
    OOOOCH!! That hurt. NOT. Sure you pay to get ON the internet, but you have the right to voice yourself. If a person is selling bootlegged cd"s, they need to get fined and maybe jailed. But for the person who downloads the songs they enjoy, there is no real harm. So take it easy. Enjoy life without falling apart. Peace man.

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    This thread is huge...i just got back from greely. Why is it so big!? Well keep on debating. You all are the best!

    If the scatman can do it so can you.

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    Hello, i just noticed this rather large thread, lol and decided to say something. The way that i justify my downloading of music is that i dont do it to get what i want, i do it to discover what i want. As of late, all the music i listen to i would of never heard if it werent for kazaa. How many radio stations do you know of that play atreyu, or from autumn to ashes, or hell even Skycamefalling??? these are all hardcore bands that i have randomly found on darklyrics.com and downloaded. If i like it, i go and buy the cd. normally i have to order it or something, cuz alot of it is hard t find. but yea, imo my use of kazaa in the end is justified.

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