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    ...I myself, find it great that they are putting a halt to this. I have had a number of folks at work download Kazaa and let me tell you.......Nuthin but trouble..............This is a reason to be dismissed in our company and yet folks can't seem to resist.............
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    Also lets say you download a full album of a CD, now you might have owned the CD before and lost if so u decided to download your legal copy of it, they cant prove if you ever had the CD or not.
    That's a very good point... I really don't see how there gunna dig themselves out of this one. Also, another good point was made about IRC...how the hell do you track that...oh thats right you dont... Anyways, if they do want to pull themselves out, they are going to have to explore other avenues of sales (perhaps web based). Interesting....

    [edit] i assume you removed Kazaa because of the spyware...

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    Kazza has no business in the corporate workplace. It gobbles up bandwidth and is a security hole that works around all measure in place to halt unauthroized access. in fact it's continued use is grounds for dismisal in my domain.

    When I refer to my anger it's my own "Personal" property and real threat to our consitutional society. And I think others here would agree...
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    Originally posted here by Cybr1d
    And they really think they can stop everyone?...there's server's all over the world...and they can only touch the ones in the US. Man those people are so greedy. I think they should watch their step cuz this mite make a lot of people angry who could retaliate.
    I agree, at the end all they are going to accomplish is getting a boycott
    They should invest all their efforts in making cd's cheaper instead of trying to sue half the world population

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    Heh heh...

    Well as much as I really don't like to see musical artists making less then the average making less then the normal million upon millions of dollars I really must say that I hate seeing them loose money like that... I mean who else is gonna pay for their...

    *and god only knows what else... (feel free to add)

    Now I realize that this doesn't apply to a lot of good bands out there, but as far as I've read... they aren't the ones complaining. So what if I download music and listen to it? Yea, it's they're art... and I am listening to it without shoveling hoards of money out of my pocket, oh darn... The way I see it is if I listen to the artist, like more than that one hit they realeased on their CD, I buy it. I don't know about you but I really hate it when I buy a CD going with one good song that I heard on the radio and it totally sucks... There goes $20.00 bucks I spent. It adds up too, and to the people that have a million burned CD's of the same band and refuse to go out and buy it... well all I can say is you wonder why some ticket prices are so damn high?

    After all, the musicains have to make at least enough to be on MTV's cribs ya know???
    It's all economics right heh heh???

    God I hate liberalism, I really do, sometimes I wish there were a second hell for these morons... /vent

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    Part of the RIAAs argument refers to their inability to police the electronics industry (read as they don't want you to burn your own CDs) and that IF THEY HAD KNOWN what would result from the inception of the CD they would have instituted anti-piracy guidelines back in the mid-80's....kinda like how IF THEY HAD KNOWN that P2P was going to interfere with revenues they would have bought the patents and own the technology today.

    But none of those things happened...they don't "own" cd-burner technology....they don't "own" P2P technology so they have no choice but to "law" us to death. Straight up, I don't have a problem with the artist getting paid for his work. I DO HAVE A PROBLEM with footing the bill because the RIAA was too short sighted to realize that the world at large was tired of being ripped off. How am I footing the bill you ask? I PAY TAXES that pay judges, prosecutors, FBI agents and the rest of the federal beauacracy (sp?), so I along with the rest of the US citizens here am footing the bill for the RIAA.

    /me wanders away, flipping the RIAA a one-fingered salute and muttering "Would you please get your a$$ in the tar pit with the rest of the dinosaurs."
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    I'm just curious.. does anyone know anyone that is being sued by the RIAA or something like that... I saw that they came up with a list... but I've yet to see these people....

    I have stopped using my good ol' Kazaa for the last two weeks... but now I'm starting to think that this RIAA crackdown is really nothing more than a 'crack' (meaning hoax).

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    Originally posted here by jaguar291
    I'm just curious.. does anyone know anyone that is being sued by the RIAA or something like that... I saw that they came up with a list... but I've yet to see these people....

    I have stopped using my good ol' Kazaa for the last two weeks... but now I'm starting to think that this RIAA crackdown is really nothing more than a 'crack' (meaning hoax).
    You want to see what kind of people they are going after so far? Look at this article.

    The chances of someone knowing one of these people that are being know are slim. There are MILLIONS of p2p network users. There is more than just the most popular kazaa network and they boast quite a few hundred thousand users. Look at googles directory or file sharing networks ... do they think they are going to go after them all? If you were to get 10 different p2p networks, with all different usernames... it'd be close to impossible to find out what you are doing. Its the people who abuse it who get caught. eg. downloading several hundred files over the coarse of a day or couple of days. Not to mention those who share EVERYTHING they download.

    They have so far tried to sue less than a thousand... and I'm sure that number will increase greatly. They are just trying to make and example out of these people. Scare you so you don't download.

    I really liked the idea of the freenet project ... I know that it is mainly for documents... but it can be MUCH MUCH MORE than that if they wanted to...
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    Whenever i am on kazaa it usually says over 1 million people. Hell there is 3 million on right now. 900 subpoenas are nothing. they will find that they are fighting a battle thats never going to go anywhere or bite them in the ass. kinda like the new no smoking laws starting here in NY.


    Also the new kazaa lite supossedly has a feature to block your ip address and block ip addresses associated with the RIAA havent really looked into it too much though.

    #!/usr/local/bin/perl -s-- -export-a-crypto-system-sig -RSA-in-3-lines-PERL
    ($k,$n)=@ARGV;$m=unpack(H.$w,$m.\"\\0\"x$w),$_=`echo \"16do$w 2+4Oi0$d*-^1[d2%
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    ,$_)while read(STDIN,$m,($w=2*$d-1+length($n||die\"$0 [-d] k n\\n\")&~1)/2)

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    The main page of my About.com site changed to a blog format which makes it much easier for me to put short blurb updates on a wider variety of subjects and link to external content rather than always having to write a complete article.

    Yesterday I wrote the following blurb:

    P2P Networks Move To Hide Users With "Secure" Software
    While the RIAA stubbornly continues trying to push legislation to allow them to sue and prosecute their customer base- not the most intelligent marketing campaign I've ever heard of- the P2P networks are moving to create new "secure" versions of their client programs that attempt to hide their users actions to protect them from RIAA investigators. These are the sort of "warning shots across the bow" before the real war begins. The more the RIAA succeeds in winning court battles and issuing subpoenas to sue their customers the more the P2P networks will do everything they can to block the RIAA from seeing their networks and hide their users actions. Just like Prohibition created an underground black market for liquor sales, the RIAA legislation will do the same for file-sharing. The RIAA should really take a look at how to embrace this technology and use it to their advantage instead of alienating their customer base.
    The full article about this was from the San Francisco Chronicle and can be found here: Brawl over online music file-swapping spawns 'secure' software.

    It is a no-win situation for the RIAA. They can't hunt down and prosecute everyone and the more they try the more they alienate the customer base and drive file-sharing underground where it will be even harder for them to track.

    I am definitely with allenb1963- I don't want my tax dollars going to waste. My elected officials and public servants in the Justice Department and FBI have more important things to do than tracking down 13-year old kids with illegal Britney Spears songs on their Daddy's computer to throw them in a federal penitentiary for 5 years with the rapists and murderers (if Rep. Conyers (D-Michigan) bill was to pass into law- see here ). The RIAA problems are not a matter of national security or even national interest. If they want to fight let them- but let them fight on their own without the support and backing of the federal government.

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