My company is primarily Windows machines, except for the Marketing Department, they use Mac's all the way. Our problem is that a previous employee left, and was gracious enough to return the iBook that he had, but it is locked. Their is only one login account on the machine. It is running 9.2. No one has checked it until now, when we have finally hired someone to replace him. Getting the password from him is not an option (we have tried before on some other Forms that he had locked). There is nothing on the box that cannot be replaced, so formatting the drive is not a problem. The problem is, that between all the IT changes within the company within the past year, i do not have OS 9.2, all i have is OS X 10.2. I am not all that familiar with Mac's, so forgive my ignorance in advance.

When i have tried to boot from the OS X cd, it errors the install and reboots?

Any thoughts or direction would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your input.