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    Thumbs up Russian Hacker gets Prison sentence

    This is a pretty interesting article actually. The full story can be found here at http://www.globetechnology.com/servl...ry/Technology/

    Mr. Ivanov, 23, and others who operated from Russia, hacked into dozens of computers throughout the United States, stealing user names, passwords, credit card information and other financial data, authorities said.
    Mr. Ivanov was responsible for the loss of $25-million (U.S.), the judge saID.
    Mr. Ivanov's prison term will be followed by three years of supervised release.
    All I have to say is, he must have one kick ass lawyer because this individual was responsible for the loss of 25 million bucks, And he only got 4 years in prison? and 3 years supervised release? I personally think this guy got off very easy. What do you think about it?

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    Well nowadays when you're stealing CC#'s and such, it can be pretty much assumed you're gonna be caught. And if you are stupid enough to steal money, dont go blackmailing people and threatening them...only digging the hole deeper. And if he was in Russia, how did the US manage to get ahold of him? And 4 years is nothing given what people who do a lot less get (look at Mitnick).

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