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Thread: How would i download...

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    How would i download...


    So i can have it on my hard drive and view it without being connected to the internet?

    Ps. its nothing bad, just my graduation ceremony from uni !

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    Extreme am not sure what you are asking. What is this link? What kind of file is it? What is this?

    Or maybe I just don't understand the problem here. I didn't download the file since I don't see why I should download something that I have no idea off what it contains.


    [edit]Ok I see your problem now, after some reading. *Scratches head* working on it hopefully I will find a solution.[/edit]
    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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    Right click on that link and press save target as

    EDIT: Hm, that ASF too seems to be a ref. Sorry about that, you're not hopeless yet though. Go here and get Windows Media Recorder Read the instructions and it should help you do what you are looking for

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    heh aderkach i hate you =P
    beating me to the reply - lol

    I aint used it in a while but if you viewed it in media player could you not also click file > save?
    i know u used to but i dont know if you still can or not ??


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    try saving it to "my documents" thats what i always do.

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