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Thread: i need help with duel boots

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    i need help with duel boots

    i will be getting a new laptop soon nothing special porbab;y 500-600mhz and mostlikely a 10-20gig hd. i was wondering if anyone could help me with duel booting i h=want to install win98 or xp and linux not shure what distro yet though.


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    xmaddness has written something about it a while back:
    Dual boot win9x and Redhat
    The process is pretty straight forward.
    Also if you search google for this you will find loads of information.
    Another good place to look might be there are some real linux experts there.

    Also from the tutorials index:
    Dual Boot RH8.0 and WinXP
    Booting Linux using the Windows 2000 Boot Menu

    Well, the best of luck

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    thanks for the links i talked to xmaddness last night and he said he wrote a tut about that but i never go the name of it and couldnt find. also thanks for the links.


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    are you using lilo or grub, the bootloader that is, cause if you are using lilo.. i can be of some help. otherwise im not that good.

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    Usually it's quite painless if you install windows first and then linux. If not you've got plenty of people to ask here...
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    i had to go through hell to dualboot win98 and redhat cause i did windows first
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    I just recently asked this question here , mainly I just wanted to know the logistics.
    Also I used a distrobution of linux that is extremely hardware friendly since I am not a "guru" yet. Also the distro comes with a boot loder that works fine. ASP Linux 9. Free for download. enjoy
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    If you go with Windows 98, buy SuSE Linux, itll find and partition the thing for you. SuSE owns.

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    Red Hat (7.x and above) are a breeze to both install and dual-boot, but partitioning can be a bit scary and tricky sometimes if you've never done it before. As far as boot-loaders go, I'm a GRUB fan myself mainly for the pretty screen it gives you to make your OS choice. :-) It gets the job done.

    If you go with Red Hat, look around on their site ( for an installation guide, but you shouldn't really need it though, since the whole process is incredibly straight forward.


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    Originally posted here by hexadecimal
    i had to go through hell to dualboot win98 and redhat cause i did windows first
    I wonder what you did?
    Installing a dualboot with windows 98 and Redhat is not that difficult.
    First make two partition, one for windows, format that one to FAT32, leave the other one unformatted. Install Windows 98 to the first. Then boot with the linux RedHat cd or with a floppy with the boot.img . RedHat installs into the remaining space and detects win98, it even makes the lilo entries. I don't see why this is hell? This proces works with RedHat 7.x, 8 and 9 without a prob. Even 6 should go fine.

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